glory writer

a writer who chooses to use their pen for a purpose beyond themselves. a purpose of reaching the masses, bringing glory to their Creator through their creation and using their gift of writing to change the world. . . one word at a time.
Sometimes, life can feel lonely. Especially when you’re a writer, blogger, or online content creator. We all crave community. We were created for it. But where do we fit within this sea of people? How do we find our tribe?

We know firsthand what it’s like to experience seasons of loneliness – and how fulfilling it is to finally connect with “your people”! 

Our vision is to create a home, a safe haven to network and connect with other like-minded creatives.

In addition to these new connections and friendships, we’re going to be rolling out a ton of exciting resources and gifts for our fellow creatives! Everything from writing workshops, coaching sessions, new books, contests, prizes, and so much more!

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what we offer:

Glory Writers is determined to become a one-stop-shop resource for authors in the Independent publishing movement! This means that we are constantly growing the services that we offer! From education, hands on learning, and mentoring, to Cover design, Formatting, Editing and more, we have a powerful list of resources at your fingertips!

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testimonies from our cheerleader sessions

Livy and Victoria gave me great advice on marking and writing in my Cheerleader Session!​

It was amazing being able to get advice from them, as they have been in the self publishing world for a while and had such great tips! ​

I’m so glad I was able to do this cheerleading session and highly recommend it to any writer!


Working with the girls was awesome!

They’re very honest and helpful and clear when answering specific questions.

And they’re great at working with feedback and always improving!


Livy and Victoria were encouraging, excited for my project, and made me feel heard and cared for. 


I was very encouraged by this Cheerleader Session!

It came at a perfect time when I was starting a new project and needed advice and encouragement to spur me on – and it felt like a boost of encouragement and blessing from the Lord!

I felt both Victoria and Livy urging me to press on in the gifts God has given me and showing me how to do that practically.


This Cheerleader Session was SO fun and informative!