It’s Release Day // Author Interview

The Glory Writers was established by our beloved Victoria Lynn (and her best friend, Livy Jarmusch), with a shared heart. One that beats with the gnawing ache, to fill the void within the Secular and Christian fiction market. To offer pure and epic stories for the up and coming generations; tales of light against darkness in an age that glorifies evil, rather than the goodness of the Creator. 

As our platform has grown in wisdom and stature– and is continuously growing, as more hands join together across the map on this same, sweet journey– we recently, finally announced a long awaited, dream-come-true: 

We’ve started a press.

The Lord has officially given us the green light, and though we’re being prayerful and thoughtful about how we go about this process, we aren’t slowing down from Godspeed. 

On that note, it only makes sense that “Once I Knew” by Victoria Lynn, our founder, would be the first novel published under our seal. And rightfully worthy are both Victoria, and her precious book, to carry such a mantel into the fiery unknown. 

A [YA] medieval fantasy, OIK is about bodily and soul-bound amnesia. What it’s like to forget who you are, and who God is; the heights some human beings are willing to travel, to unearth their potential and their future…and the depths others go, to bury the past. 

Today, I’m privileged to interview Victoria on her new release, her passion for the art of storytelling, and the Holy Spirit’s power behind her pen. I pray you find inspiration to visit the world of her imagination, as well as revisit your own. 

GW: If you could narrow it down, what five words describe “Once I Knew” and the world of Elira, best?

VL: FIVE WORDS! So rude. LOL! That’s like an insult to a writer. I’ll try. 

Medieval, Generational, Epic, Internal, Battle.

GW: I’d say most (if not all) authors have the habit of hiding pieces of themselves within the hearts of their characters. What part of Obed and Violet, your MC’s— whether that be characteristic, part of their plot, even thematic lesson—belonged to you, first?

VL: Oof, this is such a great question! Honestly. there is something hidden in each of them for sure. Violet’s struggle with anxiety, despite being a strong and well grounded individual is definitely something that I struggled with very personally. So much of her victory and discovery in this area is something that I personally also deal with. 

Obed and his journey with the Lord is also something that was very personal. What God spoke to Him and his redemption story is something that I have very real experience with and oftentimes, felt like the words were for me as much as for Obed. 

Something that also stands out to me in this area is Violet’s struggle with compassion and boundaries. How to be a force for good and light, while also carefully tending to the garden of her heart and keeping the gate closed against the enemy. 

GW: Having read OIK myself, I’d say it’s a gem of a fresh classic within the Christian Fiction community. In your view, what are some new or even uniquely long-forgotten attributes that your book offers readers?

VL: The style of description is very heavily patterned in older books. It’s something that feels like a bit of a lost art and can fall by the wayside in newer books, so the descriptions of nature and the turn of phrase was very purposeful for me, and also hugely inspiring. 

I also think the approach of characters and the ways that the hear and interact with the Lord feels very real to me, it’s written in a way that is heavily influenced by my relationship with the Lord and the capabilities of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Hearing from God and truly hearing His voice outside of simply reading scripture (everything He says should obviously match and align with His word) is something that the church as a whole doesn’t seem to talk much about and encourage, but it makes sense because He is a relational God. Of course He wants to talk to us. This book I hope is a key to people to see how He can and does relate with His children. 

GW: You’ve been extremely vocal about God asking you to lay down your pen for a prolonged season of your life. In light of that, you waited quite a few years to publish OIK, as well as get back into the writing game. What advice would you give to someone who’s struggling with surrendering their dreams and goals to the Lord?

VL: He can carry it and manage it far better than we ever could. Remember that He is truly the author of all, He owns the cattles on a thousand hills, He has the ability to build up or tear down in an instant what many strive years for. Don’t feel like your time away from your pen is a waste because He can do in a moment what it takes others years to accomplish. He is fully capable of doing more with your gift than you could ever imagine. Seek Him on what He wants to teach and show you during this season and use it as an opportunity to grow and dive deeper with Jesus than to waste time or the experience waiting for it to come back. 

GW: The title of your novel, Once I Knew, obviously has many implications that are woven into the the book. Forgetfulness forced by fear and sorrow, and the fight to know who you are when you’re unknown to yourself, to name a few. Within a culture of constant identity crises and spiritual amnesia, what is it that you long for readers to remember, and hope they’re reminded of when reading this story? 

VL: I hope they remember and are reminded that their story matters. God has a distinct and unique call and destiny for each of their lives. You were created with a purpose and even in the pain and the struggle and the overwhelming pressure to change and be something other than who He created you to be, It’s in those moments and those places that your destiny is so much greater. The greater the darkness, the more import you have in turning the tide. The ONLY source of identity is Christ and what He says about us. But we need to be listening. We need to hold fast, and we need to stand our ground. Because we are the light bearers and we can and will turn this tide. 

“Once I Knew” is available on Amazon for digital and paperback purchase. 

Published by Victoria @RufflesandGrace

My name is Victoria and I am number four of nine in our very busy and fun family. I am a young woman, the eldest daughter in my family, and find great joy serving Christ and my family. I love to do many things! If I'm not singing, playing the piano, washing dishes or helping to homeschool my younger siblings, you'll find me sewing away, designing outfits and clothes or writing up a storm! Join me on my journey through life and look around my blog!

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