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Here’s your chance to join a community that will breathe life into your creative writing dreams, point you in the right direction, and provide mentorship & friendship for your journey!

What if, in the next chapter of your author adventure, you …

  •  finally discovered a roadmap that could lead you to your desired “destination” in publishing?
  • learned the secrets to help you catch the attention of a literary agent or publisher?
  • were surrounded by a group of writers who could encourage your dreams, serve as critique partners & beta readers, and help you grow your author platform?
  • could receive training & mentorship from authors and publishing professionals who have gone before you?

There’s no doubt that the author journey can be lonely & overwhelming at times.

Whether you are pursuing traditional publishing or self-publishing, let’s face it: we can’t navigate this journey alone … especially if we hope to write books that can make a difference in God’s kingdom.

This is why we are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the:


We developed this program after training & mentoring fiction writers over the past decade and hearing the same desires and struggles repeated among young aspiring authors.

By joining the AUTHOR ADVENTURE, you don’t need to repeat the same mistakes as authors who have gone before you. 

No longer will you need to struggle in figuring out how this whole publishing process works–or why you may only hear crickets after releasing a new book. 

We have created a mentorship program that bundles together the education we have received from over a decade of reading writing craft books, taking workshops, mentoring writers, and attending (and teaching at) writing conferences.

That way, you will save both time, money, & years of trial-and-error by following tried-and-true methods on how to …

  • Write a quality fiction manuscript that sells 
  • Deliver an emotionally gripping storyline that resonates with readers
  • Build a platform geared toward your target readership
  • Create your author brand and reflect that brand through all avenues
  • Effectively promote your book 
  • Build a sustainable long-term author career 
  • And so much more!

“[Victoria and Livy] both really care about their mission to bring godly stories into the world, and I could tell they genuinely love to help and support other writers on their journeys, too! Victoria and Livy are experienced and talented authors with a wealth of information … I learned so much in just a short hour with Victoria and Livy, and I came away with a feeling of having real friends and a true team in my corner, cheering me on and rooting for me every step of the way on my author journey!”
JENNIE – Attendee of Glory Writers Self-Publishing Webinar

AUTHOR ADVENTURE is a place for kingdom writers to belong.

This community is a launching pad that will show you the ropes on how to move from dreaming about publishing to actually watching those dreams unfold.

There’s no competition here.

Only support, community, encouragement, training, mentorship, motivation, inspiration, & feedback. 

It’s a place where you can join a band of like-minded believers who are all journeying with one mission in mind: to write powerful fiction stories that can advance God’s kingdom and further His message. 

Whether you are …

  • A homeschooled writer
  • A teen who is just learning the ropes of publishing in hopes of becoming an author
  • A seasoned twentysomething self-published fiction author
  • Hoping to build a long-term career as a traditionally published author with a major publisher

This is your opportunity to build lifelong friendships, make valuable connections, & receive essential training that will lead you to your desired destination.

PLUS – you have a rare opportunity to help us build this community! 

AUTHOR ADVENTURE will officially launch in the summer of 2023. By registering early, you will be among an elite handful of people who will receive this training & community for 25% off

You can secure your slot in this mentorship program – and have LIFETIME access  – with a one-time purchase of only $1125.00. 

Limited slots are available!

By joining now, you will play a valuable role in helping us launch this community. Your feedback will be vital as we continue to shape this into a program that can ignite your dreams and further your unique author adventure.

Yes, this means that we will adapt this program so it can meet YOUR specific needs and desires. 

“The webinar was helpful for me in terms of how to self-publish, specifically what platform to upload to and publish with. … The information provided was a taste of the pie and now I want an entire slice!
DOROTHY CARLSON – Attendee of Glory Writers Self-Publishing Webinar


By joining Author Adventure, you will receive …


Never again will you need to feel lonely along the writing journey. Find your tribe here!

Community perks include

  • Virtual writing groups separated by the various stages of the writing journey. This gives you a unique opportunity to find friends, make connections, and grow with people who are in the same stage as you.
  • Opportunities to be assigned to beta group readers 
  • Critique partner mixers 
  • Marketing and street team calls
  • Chat groups
  • Forums on different topics
  • Sprinting groups
  • Editing/critique swaps 

Our groups and community will give you an opportunity to connect with other like-minded authors, share support, and grow together as a team!  


Grow where you are in your unique stage of the writing journey! 

Author Adventure includes modules for every season of the author life. Your coaches freely share the knowledge they have gleaned for over a decade of pursuing both self-publishing and traditional publishing.

  • Module 1: Dreaming about Writing – Yes, you can pursue the author career that you have always imagined!
  • Module 2: Story Creation – Let us walk you through the nitty-gritty process of world-building, outlining, character development, and more. 
  • Module 3: Writing Craft – By learning these fiction techniques, you will shape your manuscript into one that is professional and worthy of winning an award.  
  • Module 4: Editing and Revision – These self-editing pointers will keep you from looking like an amateur as you submit to agents or release your book to the public. 
  • Module 5: Writing Life – There’s more to the writer’s life than merely writing a book. Let us help you master the balancing act of writing, publishing, building a readership, & marketing.
  • Module 6: Brand/Platform Building – In the age of social media, building an author presence is vital for authors who hope to have a long-term author career. And yes, it is possible to do this without sacrificing your precious writing time!
  • Module 7: The Business of Writing – As an author, we become the owner of a small business–whether we like it or not. Learn how you can grow this business and enter the professional scene by networking and preparing the right promotional materials.
  • Module 8: Publishing – Every author’s dream, right? Discover the route that’s right for you by learning about the ins and outs of traditional, indie, & hybrid publishing. Increase your chances of selling a book to an agent or publisher by crafting proposals that they can’t turn down. Or take the self-publishing track and be guided through the process of publishing your very own work!

Each module contains 10 – 12 lessons PLUS optional homework applications, additional resources to grow your craft, & the opportunity to turn in your work for a critique or edit with one of our coaches. 


You will have the opportunity to hop on to FREE live webinars every month! Webinar topics may include…

  • Live interview with an author or other professional in the industry
  • Live critiques on your book, branding, social media, etc. 
  • Group coaching environment (bring your question or struggle and ask one of our coaches and get personal advice via live video)
  • Q&A with our coaches
  • Live training on a certain topic
  • Group, live, writing sprints, or challenges

Additional community perks include:

  • Coupons for services with one of our GW service providers
  • Opportunities for ARC copies from authors within the group
  • Free 1:1 discovery calls before booking a service with GW
  • Discounts on 1:1 coaching, critiques, and more. 
  • Exclusive first access to new releases and services
  • A community focused on Christian writers and ministry

“Tessa Emily Hall is a brilliant writer, editor, and mentor. She has not only taught me how to prepare my work for traditional publication but has provided continuous support, advice, and feedback. Excellent writers need excellent mentors—Tessa Emily Hall is one of the best accessible resources in today’s market and will help you transform your manuscript into a sellable product.”
CAROLINE GEORGE, multi-published author with Harper Collins Christian Publishing – Former mentee of Tessa Emily Hall

“Encouraging and empowering. Tessa shares readily from vast experience in the worlds of publishing and story, and I’ve strengthened as a writer thanks to what she passes down. I can only speak from my own time learning from her, but I’ve seen her as fantastically suited to the aging art of teaching. Some time down the road, I’d be honored to be in a place where I could do as much.”
BRYAN SANDOW, teen writer, former mentee of Tessa Emily Hall

What happens after I register?

Once you click “purchase,” you will receive an email that explains the next steps. You will want to check your inbox and our social media accounts for the announcement of the official Author Adventure release in the summer of 2023. As soon as the course is live, you will be emailed information on how to access the modules, interact in the community, and join the live webinars!

How does this work?

Author Adventure will be housed all in one big portal that will allow you access to lessons, videos, live training, forums, and chat groups. One login will take you to all of the places you need to be to grow your community and your skills! 

Is this email-based or video-based? Where is the primary “hub” for this program?

You will access the full course in Kartra (an online portal platform). The lessons will be provided in a PDF download. Video lessons may be added in the future. All students will have full access to the weekly webinar recordings.

When will I have access to this?

The Author Adventure community will soft launch in January 2023 (more details to follow), and the full program will launch in the summer of 2023.

What if I discover that it’s not for me? 

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for those who request a refund within the first two weeks of registering. 

How skilled of a writer do I need to be to benefit from this community? 

This program is designed for both beginners and seasoned writers alike. There are lessons that will help writers along every stage of the journey–from brainstorming the book to creating a media kit for book promotion. Plus, you will receive the added benefit of the community and weekly coaching webinars.  

Do I need to have an entire book written to benefit from these lessons?

Certainly not! The modules will take you through the entire process of book creation.

Will I be required to share my writing?

This will not be a requirement for community members. However, we certainly advise that members take full advantage of the benefits of having a critique partner and receiving feedback from coaches.

Is this for self-published or traditionally published authors? 

Our team has a wide range of experience in both industries. Livy and Victoria are multi-published authors of indie books and have been mentoring other authors for several years. Tessa is a multi-published author of traditionally published books and has worked for several years as a literary agent, acquisitions editor, and creative writing mentor for teens. 

Is this program for both fiction writers and non-fiction writers? 

Author Adventure is currently designed for fiction writers only.

Will this program save me money in the long run? 

The three of us have invested over a decade of both study and experience in the writing and publishing fields. The training we freely share in this program include the secrets and tricks of the trade we have gleaned along the way for every aspect of the writing and publishing journey: writing quality fiction, building a strong platform, finding readers, pitching books to agents, etc.  

We bundled all this together for you to access in one spot. That way, you can save time, money, and–yes–save yourself from the stress that comes along with those common trial-and-error mistakes. 😉 

Will this program help me learn how to build a living as an author? 

We include lessons on how to build a sustainable writing career. By implementing the strategies, you will be on your way toward living out your author dream. 

What ages is this program geared toward? 

Although all ages may benefit from this community and training, we have specially geared the program for those ages 13 and up to those in their twenties.


Victoria Lynn

As the founder and creator behind Glory Writers, Victoria has been working in the publishing community as an author, service provider and coach for over seven years. She has a passion for seeing creative writers grow in their gifts, their faith and their community. An avid author and entrepreneur, her greatest passion is seeing others fall in love with their Creator and encouraging them to emulate Him with their creations. With years of publishing experience with her own books, she has also assisted many authors on their own pathways to publishing with editing, cover design, and marketing aficionado. Over the course of her career, she has had her hands in the production of over 60 books from designing covers, to formatting and editing, to coaching and is excited to see that number continue to grow.

Olivia Lynn Jarmusch

Olivia Lynn Jarmusch is a prolific writer of modern Christian YA. Her heartfelt passion for creating pure and lovely fiction for teen girls can be seen in each of her 9 published works with The Tales of Tarsurella and Regal Hearts. In addition to Secrets of Royalty (an allegorical tale woven into a 30 Day Devotional), her God-given gift for storytelling can be seen in her songwriting, and other creative pursuits. Olivia has built up years of experience within the self-publishing industry, executed marketing strategies, and assisted clients in life-giving coaching sessions.    

With more than fifteen completed novels under her belt, she’s troubleshooted dozens of manuscripts and loves assisting authors with overcoming plot holes and bolstering up the raw materials of a story to become its very best. 

Olivia’s editorial experience running Crown of Beauty Magazine and crafting content for writers on her blog for several years, has served to sharpen her skills and deepen her desire to serve authors along their journey to publishing.  

Tessa Emily Hall

Tessa Emily Hall is an avid coffee-lover and award-winning author of seven inspirational yet authentic books for teen girls–both fiction and non-fiction. Her passion for writing led her to pursue publishing at an early age, and she landed a contract at sixteen years old. She has been working in the publishing field since then. The lack of clean fiction for teen girls is what ultimately led her to pursue a career in publishing as a literary agent and acquisitions editor. She began her work as a Jr. Agent at Hartline Literary Agency and now works as a Literary Agent for Cyle Young Literary Elite. In addition, she worked for several years as an acquisitions editor for Iron Stream Media and launched their teen imprint, Illuminate YA Fiction. 

For the past several years, Tessa has traveled the country to teach and serve on faculty at writing conferences. She is a firm believer that God can use the power of storytelling to advance His kingdom, and she is honored to play a role in furthering this mission field. Since 2014, Tessa has coached and mentored young writers through her virtual creative writing mentorship, Write Now. She is now excited to partner with Glory Writers in continuing to mentor young writers and support their unique calling in the field of writing.


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PLUS – If Author Adventure does not meet your expectations within the first two weeks after registering, you will receive a 100% refund, guaranteed

DISCLAIMER: As an early registeree of Author Adventure, you will experience the early beta version of the course.