It’s Release Day // Author Interview

The Glory Writers was established by our beloved Victoria Lynn (and her best friend, Livy Jarmusch), with a shared heart. One that beats with the gnawing ache, to fill the void within the Secular and Christian fiction market. To offer pure and epic stories for the up and coming generations; tales of light against darknessContinue reading “It’s Release Day // Author Interview”

Why Christian Authors Should Stop Joking About Torturing Their Characters

I’ve never liked it when authors joke about torturing their characters, and the other day I saw something that made me realize why. In a Facebook group I lurk in, someone had posted a meme that went something like this:  AUTHORS: “Look at my character, I love them so much.” ALSO AUTHORS: “Now watch meContinue reading “Why Christian Authors Should Stop Joking About Torturing Their Characters”