Investment vs. A Poverty Mindset

I’m going to get a little personal and maybe a smidge uncomfortable in today’s post.  It’s okay to invest in yourself.  Not only is it okay, but it’s also amazing.  I don’t have the fattest wallet. Never have. It’s been through seasons of extra leanness and I’m currently in one.  But I’ve struggled with aContinue reading “Investment vs. A Poverty Mindset”

Writing Success: A Different Definition

“What does success look like to you?” I’ve been asked this question multiple times in interviews and it’s easy for one’s mind to leap to dollar signs. I freely admit that I have the same dream as every other author out there: I want to make a full-time living from my writing. I would likeContinue reading “Writing Success: A Different Definition”

Writing as a Ministry: Can Our Books Make an Eternal Difference?

I was thirteen years old when God placed it on my heart to write Christian stories for teenagers. At the time, though, I wasn’t even aware that the Christian fiction market existed. I grew up reading books that every elementary school kid read. So why did I feel so compelled to write faith-based stories forContinue reading “Writing as a Ministry: Can Our Books Make an Eternal Difference?”

Glorify God & Enjoy Him

When I graduated high school, my family threw a graduation ceremony at the little brick church I grew up attending.  If you were homeschooled like I was, maybe you can visualize the scene.  It was at that ceremony where my dad gave a tear-jerking speech that had everyone talking for weeks.  I suppose I getContinue reading “Glorify God & Enjoy Him”


The Glory Writers has tackled the topic of publishing quite a bit, so let’s take a moment to talk about what happens AFTER publishing a book. Post publication blues: it’s a thing. After years of writing and editing, months of prep, and the whirlwind of release day, it’s not unusual to experience a subsequent slump.Continue reading “7 CONSTRUCTIVE THINGS YOU CAN DO AFTER PUBLISHING A BOOK”

7 Ways To Deal With Negative Feedback

Dealing with negative reviews. Some complain, some sidestep the issue or brush it off. “Being an author is tough, get over it!” Well, sometimes we can’t get over it that easily. I’ve always been one of those people who like bullet point instructions on how to do something, and that inspired me to compile someContinue reading “7 Ways To Deal With Negative Feedback”

Why Christian Authors Should Stop Joking About Torturing Their Characters

I’ve never liked it when authors joke about torturing their characters, and the other day I saw something that made me realize why. In a Facebook group I lurk in, someone had posted a meme that went something like this:  AUTHORS: “Look at my character, I love them so much.” ALSO AUTHORS: “Now watch meContinue reading “Why Christian Authors Should Stop Joking About Torturing Their Characters”