4 Things I Wish I Had Done Before Publishing

Young writers are amazing. Never say I didn’t say that. More than that, they are capable of great things—like being awesome published authors who, yes, can make a career out of their writing! However, new writers (whether they’re ten or ninety-two) often make a basic beginner mistake, and that is believing they are ready toContinue reading “4 Things I Wish I Had Done Before Publishing”

Writing the Character Behind The Genius

As the author of a mystery series which features an old school detective set in the early 1900’s in London, I speak from experience when I say that writing a detective can be a difficult task. In a lot of instances, or at least for me anyway, I had to create a character who wasContinue reading “Writing the Character Behind The Genius”

How to Plot Your Novel When You Hate Plotting

I feel you. I really do. Once upon a time, I despised plotting. I was a die-hard seat-of-your-pants writer. If a story idea came to mind, I immediately set to work and began drafting. I wrote a middle-grade fantasy rip-off of Narnia this way. However, as I grew and matured as a writer, I began to realizeContinue reading “How to Plot Your Novel When You Hate Plotting”

9 Unusual Ways To Motivate Yourself To Write Your First Draft

For non-writers November means football and Thanksgiving (and possibly Christmas decorating). But for many others, November means the event where thousands of writers gather around their word processing units to lose their minds—aka NaNoWrimo. NanoWriMo is an international creative writing event in which participants attempt to write a 50,000-word manuscript during the month of November.Continue reading “9 Unusual Ways To Motivate Yourself To Write Your First Draft”

My #1 Tip For Corraling Your Plot Bunnies 

Maybe this scenario is relatable to you. You have a deadline, or you are committed to working on a single writing project, but then suddenly you watch a movie or read a book and get a new idea. Suddenly you are losing your mind with the overwhelming desire to write a superhero story . .Continue reading “My #1 Tip For Corraling Your Plot Bunnies “