Design Services

Pricing may vary on services and how much work is involved.

Kindle Front Book Cover $75+

includes consultation, creation of cover and 4 changes. Extra changes are $2 each.

If you want to purchase licensed material for me to work with, you are responsible for the extra cost.


My e-book covers are designed with the perfect ratio and quality of 1410 x 2250 px. I use several different software’s depending on the desire for the cover.

Full Cover Package $125+

Includes consultation, creation of cover (front, back and spine) and 4 changes.

Extra changes are $2 each. If you want to purchase licensed material for me to work with, you are responsible for the extra cost. 

Add On: E-book cover $15

Hardback Add On: $25


Full Cover design follows the same principles. I can create the cover you desire for your chosen trim size and can walk you through the process of getting your cover approved and proofed by the publisher of your choice. 

I work with you to design the cover of your dreams! We will chat back and forth and I will keep you involved in the process as I experiment with different fonts, layouts, or photos.

Something for you to know:

The way my pricing works, I am limited by what I can do because I use all royalty free or stock images in order to avoid any issues with domain. I will do my best to edit images or graphics to suit your needs and make them yours. You may want something that I can not achieve with these limitations. But, if you are willing to purchase a particular element to suit your needs, I would be more than happy to use it.

Interior Paperback Formatting $3.00 per 1000 words base price

Includes consultation and communication as the formatting is taking place. 

Add On: Ebook formatting $35 (this includes and active table of contents)

Add On: Hardback File formatting $15 (this includes updated spacing and ISBN #)

E-book Interior Formatting $45+

includes an active table of contents and optimized view for kindle.

ā€‹Line Editing $5.00 per 1000 words

Line editing addresses the creative content, writing style, and language use at the sentence and paragraph level. Helps with readability and helps identify plot holes, overused language and clumsy writing. A necessary polishing to any book to take it to the next level. 

Copy Editing $3.50per 1000 words

Copy editing for typos, grammatical\punctuation errors, inconsistencies, and echoed words\phrases. No word count minimum. 

ā€‹Branding and Logo Design

Are you looking for assistance in creating a consistent brand? Building a logo and surrounding graphics for you to use across your platforms? Creating a color scheme, headers, buttons, ads and any other promotional material that you might need to keep a consistent look and design across the board? Contact me with any questions you have about the process and we can talk about putting together your perfect portfolio!

I accept payment via Paypal or Cashapp.

Contact me to get started on the project of your dreams!