Investment vs. A Poverty Mindset

I’m going to get a little personal and maybe a smidge uncomfortable in today’s post.  It’s okay to invest in yourself.  Not only is it okay, but it’s also amazing.  I don’t have the fattest wallet. Never have. It’s been through seasons of extra leanness and I’m currently in one.  But I’ve struggled with aContinue reading “Investment vs. A Poverty Mindset”

4 Things I Wish I Had Done Before Publishing

Young writers are amazing. Never say I didn’t say that. More than that, they are capable of great things—like being awesome published authors who, yes, can make a career out of their writing! However, new writers (whether they’re ten or ninety-two) often make a basic beginner mistake, and that is believing they are ready toContinue reading “4 Things I Wish I Had Done Before Publishing”

How to Plot Your Novel When You Hate Plotting

I feel you. I really do. Once upon a time, I despised plotting. I was a die-hard seat-of-your-pants writer. If a story idea came to mind, I immediately set to work and began drafting. I wrote a middle-grade fantasy rip-off of Narnia this way. However, as I grew and matured as a writer, I began to realizeContinue reading “How to Plot Your Novel When You Hate Plotting”

Glorify God & Enjoy Him

When I graduated high school, my family threw a graduation ceremony at the little brick church I grew up attending.  If you were homeschooled like I was, maybe you can visualize the scene.  It was at that ceremony where my dad gave a tear-jerking speech that had everyone talking for weeks.  I suppose I getContinue reading “Glorify God & Enjoy Him”


The Glory Writers has tackled the topic of publishing quite a bit, so let’s take a moment to talk about what happens AFTER publishing a book. Post publication blues: it’s a thing. After years of writing and editing, months of prep, and the whirlwind of release day, it’s not unusual to experience a subsequent slump.Continue reading “7 CONSTRUCTIVE THINGS YOU CAN DO AFTER PUBLISHING A BOOK”

Why Christian Authors Should Stop Joking About Torturing Their Characters

I’ve never liked it when authors joke about torturing their characters, and the other day I saw something that made me realize why. In a Facebook group I lurk in, someone had posted a meme that went something like this:  AUTHORS: “Look at my character, I love them so much.” ALSO AUTHORS: “Now watch meContinue reading “Why Christian Authors Should Stop Joking About Torturing Their Characters”