8 Ways To Market Your Book This Christmas

I know, I know. Learning how to market is at the BOTTOM of your Christmas wish-list this year but, I promise you, everything on this list is FUN.

So grab some coffee and a notebook and let’s explore eight ways for you to market your book in the coming month: eight marketing methods to represent all eight of Santa’s reindeer. 😊

Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Make A Book Trailer:

Everybody loves a good trailer! This can be as simple as putting together some aesthetic photos with cool music and punchy text. And if editing trailers isn’t your thing, you can always hire someone to whip together a book trailer for you. Our founder Victoria recommends this Fiverr service.

2. Make A “Meet The Characters” Series

You can do this as a reel or as a traditional post! Set aside a week or month to focus on introducing your characters to your social media followers. Post some character art or graphics themed around the character of your choice and whip up some posts. You can do as many or as little as you want on each character. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Maybe describe how each of your characters would celebrate Christmas, or what they most want to find under the tree!

3. Christmas Wish List Ideas

Create some graphics, run a promo, and advertise your book as the perfect digital stocking stuffer! There is no greater gift than books, am I right?

4. Post Something That Reminds You Of Your Books Or Characters

You’ve all seen those amazing Polyvore graphics on Pinterest, right? Collages built around a theme are always eye-catching. But your graphics don’t have to be that complicated. A quick snap of a special treat or some bright flowers will do the trick, so long as you tie it into talking about your character or book!

5. Write A Short Story That Ties Into Your Main Novel & Include It As A Freebie In Your Author Newsletter.

If you can swing it; write a short story that will entice new readers into trying your main book AND delight the people who have already read your book.

This promotes your book and, at the same time, gains more newsletter subscribers. A win/win!

6. Host A Read-Along Of Your Book.

I’ve hosted one of these before and they’re so much fun. Break your book down into manageable chapters and invite your followers to read along with you then join at a pre-appointed date for a live discussion. Whip up a quick graphic with your schedule of how many chapters you will be reading a week and when the live discussion will take place. (hint: it’s better to pick the same time of day for each live discussion, if you can).

7. Organize An Online Christmas Party.

A Christmas party from the comfort of your own home! Come on, even the worst Grinch out there couldn’t say no to that!

I’ve participated in numerous Facebook parties and they are a ton of fun. You can do live stream events or stick strictly with posts and polls.

Host games, giveaways, Q&A’s and more to keep your followers engaged. Maybe you and your fellow authors could put together some Christmas-themed fun throughout the event: like singing Christmas songs, or playing Christmas Charades – there’s no limit.

Invite people to wear their favorite sweater, grab their favorite holiday drink and tune in on the platform of your choice (Discord or Facebook work best for group events).

8. Host A Giveaway.

It is the season of giving after all! Christmas is the perfect time to give away some copies of your books to social media followers or newsletter subscribers. Giveaways gain you more followers and subscribers and put your book in front of eyeballs that might not have ever seen or heard of you because, let’s face it, nobody can resist free books.

And there you have it! Eight ways to market your book, and all of them as fun as a ride in Santa’s sleigh.

Which suggestion on this list was your favorite? Tell us YOUR preferred method for marketing your book!

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